Radha Agrawal

Episode 16 - June 9, 2015


Radha Agrawal is a true serial entrepreneur.


She started a morning dance revolution, a women's underwear line, and a show for kids to get them to eat vegetables.


Learn about her journey from investment banker to a fuller, authentic life, and how she got to where she is today. You'll be eager to start your own journey after hearing her words on passion, persistence, and love.


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Show Notes:

-How to raise someone’s eyebrows with the problem that you are solving

-How she left everything to help her twin sister open a restaurant

-The genesis of Super Sprowtz

-Why it is so important to say thank you to those that have helped you along the way

-How to find good people to work with you

-The importance of passion and persistence

-Why it is so important to have a core group of friends

-The most defining moment of her life so far


Links Mentioned:

-Check out Super Sprowtz

-Learn more about THINX

-Check out Daybreaker

Episode Quotes

“Entrepreneurship is storytelling through products and services.”


“If you’re not waking up scared, it’s time to do something else.”


“Once you have purpose in anything you are doing, people want to help and be a part of it.”