Episode 54 - March 2, 2016


SARK has lived an epic life, filled with great adversity, amazing accomplishments, and of course, incredible stories.

She is a best selling author (with more than 2 million books sold!), transformative teacher, and beacon of love that will make you SMILE throughout this entire episode. We discuss SARK's life, her new book, Succulent Wild Love (co-written with her fiancee, Dr. John Waddell), and what authenticity means to her.


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Show Notes:

-What is Succulent Wild Love?

-The meaning of authenticity

-How to embrace feelings when you get scared

-How to manage the voice in your head

-How to be more loving to yourself

-How to communicate your sexual desires with your partner

-Why every single change in your life is always for the better

-Living without compromise


Question of The Week:

How well and deeply am I loving myself?


Exercise of The Week:

Look in mirror for 5 minutes and I say I love you repeatedly and notice how you feel and what comes up – with the goal to drop the mask.


Links Mentioned:

-Succulent Wild Love

Episode Quotes

"It is scary and intense to be human."


"Our feelings are only wanting our love and attention & they don’t need much."


"We all have the opportunity to live like full cups of self love, and sharing the overflow with our partner and the world."



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