Dr. Rhea Mehta

Episode 23 - July 28, 2015


Rhea Mehta shares her amazing journey in this episode - from being diagnosed with a chronic illness at age 13 to discovering natural healing through food that transformed her into a leader.


Dr. Mehta shares her insights on living better through real food, being authentic by setting your intention in every situation, and changing the world through sharing and giving.


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Show Notes:

-Why it’s important to be vulnerable and create a space for people to be able to be vulnerable

-Why it’s important to set intentions

-Dr. Rhea's story

-Ways to see other possibilities when you are stuck on a certain way of thinking, about health or otherwise

-What Rhea endorses in terms of nutrition



Links Mentioned:

-Check out Camp Grounded, mentioned at the beginning of this episode.

-Learn more about the DO Lectures that Rhea just -attended.


Episode Quotes

"Set daily intentions"