Zach Puchtel

Episode 2 - April 5, 2015


Zach Puchtel is a graduate of Harvard University, philosopher, public speaker, spoken word artist, writer for the Huffington Post and author of Freeing the Being.


Zach focuses on the evolution of mankind through the transformation of the individual. He is also launching a solo career as a creative artist 'Galt'.


Today we dive into vulnerability, overcoming fear, the value of getting uncomfortable, being present and much more.


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Show Notes:

-How the pressures of society, culture and conditioning effect authenticity

-The connection between flow and vulnerability

-The power of intimacy

-The importance of being tactful and open

-The benefits of asking for permission

-The capacity of shifting your mindset

-The connection between emotional stress and our health

-A special rap from Zach about authenticity!!


Links Mentioned:

-Get Zach's book of quotes - Freeing the Being: Original quotes for transforming your life

-Check out Zach's work at The Huffington Post

-Find out details on Zach's Workshops

Episode Quotes

"We've gotten really good at pretending to be authentic."


"You can't serve yourself unless you can serve others."


"Humanity needs to slow down and focus within."


"You have to ask a person for permission to go deep a lot of the time."