Julia Price

Episode 20 - July 7, 2015


Julia Price is a musician in Los Angeles, but she's also much more. She's a "vine star," where she has hundreds of thousands of followers on the Vine social video network.


She's also started a company called Buy Conscious, but she still finds time to make videos, write songs, and make records.


In this episode, we talk about how she stays authentic when using social media, how she decided to take the leap and follow her passion, and much more.


Connect with Julia Price: Facebook | Twitter | Insta | Vine | YouTube


Show Notes:

-How our environments dictate how we feel in the world

-How she is one of the top “vine stars” and how that came to be

-How to get over the fear and doubt when you’re building the thing you want to do with your life

-How to shift instead of just saying no

-How perfectionism can kill creatives

-How she responds to the discussions surrounding her social media and vine posts

-Vision boarding

-Why it’s important to celebrate one’s self

-Self forgiveness and self acceptance


Links Mentioned:

-Learn more about Julia Price on her website.

-Check out her company Buy Conscious.

Episode Quotes

"If in your heart you really want to do something, it will find a way even if you’re not open to it."


"Being real works, and being scripted doesn’t translate."


"We are quite the storytellers when it comes to our own lives."


"Do those things that you say you’re going to do."