John Halcyon Styn

Episode 56 - March 15, 2016


John Halcyon Styn has made a life of creativity and self-expression. In our discussion, Halcyon shares his story, how Burning Man influences him, the time he lived with webcams in his house for 2 years, and all about his social movements - Hug Nation and First Saturdays.


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Show Notes:

-How to express and differentiate between multiple elements of one's personality

-About the beauty of flowing between personality states

-The definition of being real

-Authenticity as a lifelong path

-The value of self expression

-The purpose of life

-How to create a social movement 

-Gratitude practices

-The value of mantras


Question of The Week:

Am I present, am I in alignment with what's real to me, and am I acting from love?


Exercise of The Week:

Throw a theme party for your friends where everyone dresses up as their best-self or superhero-self.



-The Power of Now

-Loving What Is

-Naked Lunch

-Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

-Lunch with Grandpa video

Episode Quotes

“We have this amazing gift of being alive, and its our job to appreciate & express.”


"As I share everything and own my insecurities, I rob my opponents from hurting me."


"The magnitude of our expression is irrelevant, it’s the authenticity that’s important."


"The walk of a modern warrior is not fighting dragons, it's in finding your truth and dealing with whatever that leads to."


 "When you allow yourself to be real, you allow yourself a channel into that energy that is deeper than your ego mind and into creativity."


"The way we express ourselves is a magically divine force and the gift of our existence."


“As I expose more of my truth, people shower me with more love, and I become more grounded & stronger.”


“Being real is figuring out your own values and beliefs, and acting on them.”



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  2. […] is the exercise of the week from blogger and Hug Nation founder John Halcyon Styn, and this week’s guest on The One & Only […]