Emily Greener

Episode 51 - February 9, 2016


Emily Greener lives a life of authenticity every day. As co-founder of I Am That Girl, a nonprofit aimed at shifting girl culture and teaching self-worth and self-love, her work has touched more than 5 million girls across the globe.


Emily opens up in this episode about her own fears and doubts, how she gets through the dark times, and why we need to be able to acknowledge darkness in our life.


She also shares how she co-founded I Am That Girl and how leaders need to step up with authenticity in order to bring out the best in today's youth.


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Show Notes:

-How to launch a social movement

-Why self-doubt needs to be turned into self-love

-How to allow people to be who they are when with you

-Why being present and listening is a very important

-The principles of a “safe space formula”

-How leaders should share first

-The keys to building self-love

-How your community affects who you are

-The importance of having a team


Exercises of the Week:

Physically put your hand on your heart every time you judge yourself and console yourself as you’d do with a friend.


Question of the Week:

How are you??


Links Mentioned:


-The Vagina Monolgues

Episode Quotes

"Own who you are at any moment regardless of how you judge yourself."


"Accepting oneself is a muscle that needs to be strengthened every day."


"Come to terms with deep rooted pain you didn’t let yourself experience when you were young."


"Anything you hope someone would say to you, say to yourself."


"Never expect perfection, ever."


"Teach what you need to learn most."


"Understand what you are sharing with others and why."


"We are starving to be seen, but we often don’t see ourselves."


"You are enough, no matter what you sometimes think."


“Discover who you are every day, own it, let it change”