Episode 15 - June 2, 2015


In-Q stands for Question Everything, and this poet, songwriter, and visionary does just that.


He is on a mission to inspire people to be poets and create social change through his work, and he talks with us in this episode about his journey, his vision for poetry, and what being authentic means to him.


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Show Notes:

-How In-Q became a poet, songwriter, and rapper

-Why people are wanting more connection than ever before

-The pain that he had in his life in his twenties and how he broke down the walls that he built up

-How to turn failure into power

-How to break through the stories that we create for ourselves


Links Mentioned:

-In-Q recommends The Alchemist, and A Million Little Pieces.

Episode Quotes

“Actions are the things that really matter. But words can inspire action.”


“We are all teachers and students in the same moment.”



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