Amber Valdez

Episode 75 - July 26, 2016


Amber Valdez is a TV personality and life purpose cheerleader who is the author of Stickie Affirmations to Live Your Purpose. This episode is all about finding your purpose and the power of energy and enthusiasm. We dive into challenging “no,” finding your home, and setting intentions.


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Show Notes:

-The greatest interviews that Amber has ever done

-How she became an NFL cheerleader

-What it means to be a life purpose cheerleader

-Having the courage to be creative when faced with “no”

-How her family shaped who she is

-What home really means

-The power of setting intentions

-Why people are programmed from a young age


Links Mentioned:

-Stickie Affirmations: to Live Your Purpose

-Louise Hay

-Michael Strasner

-Chris Lee

-Tony Robbins documentary


Exercise of The Week:

Write an affirmation on a stickie and stick it somewhere!

Episode Quotes

“Go for your dreams because anything is possible.”


“Have an 'I’ll figure it out' mentality.”


“Don’t stop at no.”


“When someone say’s no, I say ‘Game on’!”