Joel Brown

Episode 76 - August 2, 2016


Joel Brown is a lifestyle entrepreneur and the founder of He has built a 10-year vision for his life that guides him in his everyday actions, and he believes everyone could benefit from a blueprint for growth and success in their own lives. Listen as we discuss what success means, having the courage to shape your life, and staying true to yourself.


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Show Notes:

-Having the courage to follow your dreams

-Building a successful website and company

-Why we did this interview standing up

-Why he left the record label industry

-Having the courage to ask yourself questions about your vision

-How to stay true to your core values

-The four dimensions of success

-The 20/20/20 habit that Joel does every morning

-Why you might feel stressed when you want to be successful


Links Mentioned:

-Tony Robbins

-Rich Dad Poor Dad

-Addicted to

-Julia Price

-Addicted to Success podcast

-Chris Lee

-Tony Robbins documentary


Exercise of The Week:

Create your 10-year vision for success in your life.

Episode Quotes

“Fuck perfect.”


“Have a real life impact, not an online impact."


“Taking risks opens up your mind.”


"Doing things that are uncomfortable, expands the mind.”


“The more you experience in life, the more people you are able to connect with.”


“Cut things out that don’t serve your vision."


“Have the courage to follow your dreams.”


"When you know what your morals are, you cant be swayed."


"Your vision picks your friends, your hobbies, and how you are going to use your time."