Maria Elisa Camargo

Episode 79 - August 23, 2016


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Maria Elisa Camargo is an internationally renowned TV Star and actress. She opens up in this episode in a way that she has never done in an interview before - talking about her search for authenticity, what she is insecure about, and realizing what has been taught to us about the world. Listen in to gain insights into her career, childhood, and current journey into authenticity.


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Show Notes:

-Why Maria searches for novelty

-How she became an advocate for authenticity

-Why she is not chasing fame

-Why she continues to learn new skills

-Why it’s exciting to be an actor right now

-Going to nature to realize what is true about the world
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Question of The Week:

"Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive because what the world needs is more people who have come alive." - Howard Thurman.

Episode Quotes

"I search for moments that make me come alive."


"I’m taming the beast of the ego."


"We are designed for so much more than we even know."


"It’s our own minds that limit us sometimes."


"I like to shake people’s minds."


"One hundred years from now we might be laughing at what we think is sacred today."