Mark Shapiro

Episode 64 - May 10, 2016


In this episode, I (Mark Shapiro) interview myself. This is a recording from a Facebook Live event I did, and it was amazing to answer questions submitted by my closest friends and listeners. I discuss my greatest fears, my goals, love life, and more in this raw and vulnerable episode.



Show Notes:

-Why I chose to interview myself

-Why I my purpose is to be real

-How my father’s alzheimer’s disease has shaped my life

-What emotional intelligence training has done for me

-Why I ask myself if I’m good enough, all the time

-How dancing makes me happy

-Why I think people should have a personal coach

-What I do to motivate myself



Links Mentioned:

-My Episode with SARK

-Burning Man Episodes: Part 1 and Part 2

-Episode 24 when I first interviewed myself

-My Episode with JuVan Langford



Episode Quotes

"When other people are projecting their insecurities on me, that is really them and not me."


"I really started to learn about emotional intelligence at age 30. These last few years have been incredible in my transformation."


"There is something in my dad that never gives up. He has incredible will power."


"Ask powerful questions - they will open a door in order to have a hard conversation with someone."


"When we acknowledge things and are real with ourselves and others, it’s liberating and we can let go and move on."