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The ‘A’ Word

People who write down their goals, and have someone keep them accountable, are 78% more likely to achieve their objective.-From the research of Dr. Gail Matthews   In last week’s ‘Sunday Sauce,’ I shared this statistic, and it got people’s attention.   I’m not surprised.   From being an accountability coach for the last 6 years, I’ve learned… Read more »

Finish Strong

  We’re officially in the last quarter of the year.AKA the last 90 days of 2019 before we head into a brand new decade.   In sports, the fourth quarter is often the most important time and when the magic happens. It can be the difference between a win or a loss, and effect the team/players momentum… Read more »

Retiring Negative Thoughts

    What is it going to take to step into the next greatest version of myself?   This is a question I’ve asked myself throughout the year, as I’ve realized that what has brought me this far, won’t necessarily support me in taking the leap to becoming who I strive to be… i.e. an even… Read more »

Claiming Your Truth

What does it mean to ‘claim your truth?’ I was recently asked this question during my appearance on Franny Nicole’s podcast (‘Claiming Your Truth’), and I think the best way I can answer it is “only YOU know.” For me, its… •Speaking up (even when I feel scared). •Going for what I want (despite what’s expected). •Living… Read more »

Share your Gifts Generously & Often

“Don’t get boxed in by your job and the ways you’ve historically put yourself out there.”   Do you have strengths and expertise in areas that you know would be valuable to others, but since it’s not your core job, you don’t get as much opportunity to share those gifts as you could? This is… Read more »

5 Principles for Lasting Love

1 year ago, I recorded a podcast about my love life and quest to find my person.   Little did I know, that 3 months later, I’d meet and fall in love with Jen Stone (or that we’d move in together 3 weeks later)!   But as anyone in a committed relationship will tell you: it’s not… Read more »

The Power of Creativity & Expression

“Creativity is the greatest expression of liberty.” -Bryant H. McGill A few weeks ago, I dedicated a Sunday Sauce newsletter to highlight how despite what statistics and ‘realists’ may say, one person does indeed have the power to create amazing change in their community and in the world.  And this week, I want to share the… Read more »

5 Keys To Social Media Wellness

Social media, for better or for worse, is here to stay. While we have all experienced it’s benefits, like sharing & celebrating major life updates with our entire communities with a single message, keeping lines of communication open with people we care about across the world, and participating in viral social movements in support of causes we believe… Read more »

The Power of One Person

If you want change, It’s up to you. Have you ever had a great idea but stopped short because you didn’t think you could pull it off? Here are some great examples of ordinary people who have created extraordinary results:   •Candy Lightner: After her teenage daughter was killed by a drunk driver, she founded MADD… Read more »