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A Great Year-End Closeout Process

How was your 2018?   For me, I’d be lying if I said this year was all unicorns and rainbows. Not everything went my way. And even though I know in my heart I gave my all, I felt like this year was sub-par.   That is…until I took a deeper look…   Despite not… Read more »

12 Essential Leadership Traits

4 years ago, I participated in a 6 month intensive leadership program created and facilitated by master teacher & coach, Michael Strasner (bestselling author of Living on the Skinny Branches and his newest masterpiece – Mastering Leadership: Shift The Drift & Change The World).   In this program, I was introduced to Michael’s 12 senior… Read more »

200 Weeks of Realness!

I always appreciate a good milestone, and the chance to celebrate.   They are a good opportunity to give ourselves some love, reflect on what we’ve accomplished, and to notice how far we’ve come.   And this week I’ve got a BIG one: Episode 200 of Are You Being Real!   It hasn’t been easy… Read more »

Living Big & Making A Difference

It’s normal to want to be remembered after we’re gone. It’s why some of us will plan for what we want on our tombstone, or if you’re a titan from history, you’ll build great monuments to your name in hopes it will cement your legacy through the ages.   But for Ajit Nawalkha, an entrepreneur… Read more »

An Angelic Song + A Creative Nudge

I’ve got a special song to share with you…but 1st, I think it’s important to share the inspiring context behind the song.   If you are like me, I’m guessing there is something you have been working on for a while that you haven’t shared I right?   For me, it was releasing video… Read more »

The Link Between Money and Happiness

According to a Princeton University study conducted by renowned psychologist Daniel Kahneman, self-reported levels of wellbeing increased with a salary up to $75,000 a year, but after that, increasing amounts of money had no further effect on happiness.   This begs two questions, what does actually cultivate happiness and how can one cultivate a healthier… Read more »

Always Make Time For This…

Down days are a real thing, and during times when it doesn’t feel like life is going my way, I tend to get lost in my drama + circumstances and forget to be ‘giving’ and in service to others.   Instead of waiting for something good to happen to elevate my mood, I find that… Read more »

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2 Keys To Living A NO-BS Life

If you’re like me, you have no time, energy, or space for bullshit.   And while it’s easy to judge and call out others on theirs, it’s a lot harder to own up to our own. And that’s why most people (myself included) spend their lives being their own worst enemy and critic, creating all… Read more »

Why We Lie

Everyone lies.   And even though we’ve all been taught from a young age that it’s bad, we still find reasons to lie to others and to ourselves. Be it our elected officials, co-workers, or our close family and friends, no one is immune from being tempted to bend (or even break) the truth.  … Read more »

The Pill That Makes Dreams Come True

Do you have a goal or something you really want but haven’t realized yet?   What if there was a magic pill you could take (like in The Matrix) that would turbo-charge your dream and help turn it into a reality?   Believe it or not, it does exist! It’s called Xpill and was created… Read more »